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The Multi-Service Centre (MSC) is a non-profit, charitable organization and provides a wide array of Adult Literacy & Essential Skills, Employment & Home Support Services. These services are delivered by experienced, qualified personnel, including a committed volunteer complement, and supported by a variety of revenue sources, including a dedicated donor base.



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Some Background:

MSC's main reason for being is to provide client services. On August 2, 2011, MSC hosted a Client Recognition Day. Keynote speaker, Professor Alain Goldschlager spoke to the power of personal stories in keeping with MSC's recognition that each MSC client has a valuable story to tell. Viewers are encouraged to read some of those stories via this website, as well as this article reprinted from The Tillsonburg News:


The MSC is a partner agency in The Livingston Centre, a building named after Gerry Livingston. For more information on the many services and organizations operating out of The Livingston Centre, and to learn more about Mr. Livingston visit If you are looking for services MSC is not able to provide, check out, MSC's sister corporation.


The MSC name was adopted by the founding Board of Directors in 1977 as an expression of their goal of providing multiple services out of a centralized location for the Tillsonburg area.


The MSC Logo was created in 1980 with input from staff and Board of Director volunteers. The roof design was intended to symbolize both a place for individuals to find services and a site for those services to be provided.


The MSC Slogan, "someone you know may need us", was the title of a public service film created by MSC volunteers and staff in the early 1980's as a means to promote MSC programs in the community. While there are no longer any copies of this film, MSC personnel believe the slogan still applies today.


Looking for a speaker? MSC personnel are available to speak to community groups and organizations on a wide variety of topics, including our services, voluntarism and community development. Call 519-842-9008, ext 270 (MSC Communications) to arrange the right speaker for your need.



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