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Multi-Service Centre Employment Services offers a full suite of year-round programs for young people. Whether you have completed school and are ready to enter into the workforce, or are interested in obtaining a part-time or summer employment opportunity, the Multi-Service Centre Employment Services Team can help.  We offer specialized classes and work with you towards obtaining your goals. 

Youth Job Connection:  This program offers three weeks of interactive, career exploration, self-assessment and pre-employment training to get you ready for the workforce.  Our team works closely with you and upon completion of training, you enter into a paid placement on the path to your future career.  This program is appropriate for youth up to 29 years of age who are seeking to break into the job market.

Youth Job Connection Summer: If you are still in high school, intending to stay in school or access post-secondary education after placement and looking for a part-time or summer employment opportunity to gain experience towards your future goals,  this program may be right for you.  We offer pre-employment training prior to a paid placement to help you prepare for future educational or career choices.  This program is appropriate for youth  aged 15-18.

Youth Job Link : Youth and students aged 15-29 who are seeking employment opportunities can gain support through this program.  If you are self-motivated and require minimial assistance to finding employment, this program may be right for you.   


There is no cost for these services.


This service is open to all youth as outlined per program and we simplify the process.



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"Thanks to the Youth Job Connection program, I was able to polish my skills and resume for the modern day job market and workplace. I made great connections with people who helped me find a path to employment, as well as more about me. And in the end, they were able to help me find employment not once, but twice, showing just how dedicated the folks at the YJC are to their mission statement. I can't recommend the program enough. " - Joseph K, Client

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